KYSA Programs

Yom Tov Distribution

  Beverly* won’t forget Pesach 2015.   At least not Erev Pesach.   She remembers looking out the window at her three youngest playing downstairs. They... Read More

Dental Clinic

  Harvey* came to our clinic in absolute agony.   His mouth smelled of vinegar- the telltale sign of the only pain killer available to him.   With Harvey in his chair,... Read More

Free Loan Fund

Money is also known as zuzim.       Why zuzim?   Chazal say that zuzim is stems from the word zuz (move) .   Because money is always on the move.   When the... Read More

General Advice Line

    The busiest division of KYSA   We hope that you enjoy this service which is now also a forum on this site                    Go to link:  General Advice... Read More

Financial Advisor

We often hear from our partners   that a big part of expat financial problems stem from fear of the unknown.   The unknown being the local economic practices and... Read More


South Africans have been coming to study in Yeshivas in Israel for over 50 years.    It has never been easy.    Homesickness combines with a new culture, a new... Read More