Free Loan Fund

Money is also known as zuzim.




Why zuzim?


Chazal say that zuzim is stems from the word zuz (move) .


Because money is always on the move.


When the Cohen*s had a simcha, the zuzim weren’t by them.


They’d been away since Mr Cohen was laid off.


So our gma”ch (free loan fund) moved a nice amount of zuzim to the Cohens.


So they could have a relaxed simcha.


And to the Levy*s to pay for special needs baby’s equipment.


And to the Friedman*s for a car to do deliveries.


Slowly, slowly the zuzim make their way back to the gma”ch.


At the pace set by the borrowers themselves.


With the simcha or challenge sorted out, life can continue without the extra burden.


With the constant demand, we often loan over 100,000 n.i.s. a year.


We are partners in a wealthy finance ministry licensed and monitored free-loan fund.


We approach lending money with compassion and consideration, weighing up the needs of the family with their ability to keep up the payment schedule.  


With that our operation is professional. No money leaves our office without being secured with suitable guarantors.



By allowing us to lend them your money, you will give them the greatest gift-their self respect.

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*Names have been changed

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