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April 8th, 2016 | david

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Mrs. X

Her husband left her with a large family. Paying for her children’s weddings has proved to be a heavy burden. Her daughter recently got married and is living in a furnished store room on a farm. They don’t have a washing machine and she brings the laundry to her mother. The mother borrowed from us $1,900 which she is returning at a rate of $57! p.m. (all she can afford).


His wife underwent a total mental breakdown leaving her unable to cope with life, and definitely not with her family of growing children. Her husband has for the last decade and a half been the father and mother to his family including all that it entails. Marrying his children off has been another hurdle to overcome and the KYSA Gemach has helped him with a large loan with a very easy repayment .schedule.

Mr X.

Since his place of employment closed down he has been unable to find an alternative form of income. Having 2 children getting married back to back placed enormous strain on him. We gave him a loan with a repayment schedule that they .could manage with his wife’s small incom