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April 8th, 2016 | david

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Due to his fragile emotional and mental state since arriving in Israel he has been unable to hold down a job. Despite the ever increasing pain in his teeth he put off going to a dentist and drank vinegar to dull the pain. When the pain became unbearable he turned to us. The dentist’s first check revealed a mouth full of untreated and decaying teeth. He has for the last few months been undergoing extensive treatment to return his mouth to its original state. This has been a big relief and has removed a large burden from a family, struggling as they are to keep .themselves going.


The son of a South African family who suffers from acute epilepsy. His condition requires much attention, putting some strain on the family. Furthermore many dentists are wary to deal with such an unpredictable patient leaving him with broken front teeth sustained from a fall. Our patient and caring dentist helped him .to restore his honour .

A South African lady who after much tribulations got married late in life to a fine man who unfortunately has recently developed some serious medical complications leaving him with 100% disability. With her advancing years it has become increasingly difficult for her to be the sole bread winner, so when the cap on her .tooth fell off she was at a complete loss. Our dental clinic was a real saviour for her.