Dental Clinic


Harvey* came to our clinic in absolute agony.


His mouth smelled of vinegar- the telltale sign of the only pain killer available to him.


With Harvey in his chair, our friendly dentist asked him to open up wide.


 What he saw was a mouthful of blackened and worn out teeth.


       I’m sorry, I’ve been sick for a while. We haven’t had a proper job for years.

        The kid’s needs came first-definitely before my dental health he tried to apologize.


Our kind dentist sensed Harvey’s discomfort.


He assured him that the staff at the clinic had seen worse and would do their utmost to rehabilitate his mouth.


 After 3 months, Harvey walked out of our clinic with a beautiful smile.


  And a definite improvement in his self-assurance.







 Our Dental Plan provides comprehensive top rate treatment at a fraction of the real cost.


Families who might otherwise ‘do without’ can allow themselves fillings, extractions, and root canals.

And dentures, bridgework, quality caps, orthodontics besides the latest in mouth hygiene and treatment.


In a country where dental insurance is almost unknown, KYSA patients get treated equal to those paying full price.


No humiliation and no guilt.


The secretary sets the appointments and receives the payment. And she alone knows which of the patients are being subsidised.


Would you like to have a part in this most basic kindness?


$1800-Full Mouth Treatment

$500-Complex Root Canal

$120 – Extraction

$50 -Filling



*Names have been changed

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