Yom Tov Distribution


Beverly* won’t forget Pesach 2015.


At least not Erev Pesach.


She remembers looking out the window at her three youngest playing downstairs.

They noticed their neighbours’ grey Mazda pulling up and 4 bubbling young shoppers bursting out with bags brimming with their Yom Tov purchases.


Beverly saw the envious stares emanating from her brood’s eyes. The new clothes and exciting toys were hard to miss.


A wave of sadness overcame her.


How she wished to buy new shoes for her children

Is it too much to ask that they walk in shoes without holes?


Her husband sensed her pain and came to stand next to her.

“I am sure that Keren Yotzei South Africa have heard about what we went through this year. I wouldn’t give up.” he said.


A knock on their door surprised them.

Their 11-year-old daughter entered holding an envelope. “A lady said to give this to you.”


The plain white envelope opened to reveal its contents. A cover letter from KYSA together with a check. And vouchers entitling them to enough Matzos, fruit and vegetables, meat, wine and eggs.

And it came in good time.

They didn’t feel humiliated.

Or guilty for not managing.

Just glad that someone cared.


We at KYSA give our heart to 100s of South African families facing challenges.


The Yom Tov Distribution remains our flagship project.


Over the last 13 years we have been the funnel for over 4 Million N.I.S. of significant benefit that our partners have showered on their brethren.









There are remarkable people in every area of South African expat concentration- the virtual ears and eyes of KYSA.


Be it the local doctor who sees the difficulties that others might not, the neighbourhood shopkeeper who sees families cutting down on their spending.

Sometimes it’s the community Rabbi or even plain friends and neighbours.


They notice that things “aren’t right” and approach us to investigate.


Our experienced fieldworkers probe and examine the case with sensitivity.

Until they know the facts and can show us where to help.


After discussion and clarification, we prepare a plan of action.


Some of these families.


The old couple furthest north who can see the snow on the Hermon.



And in the south, the teacher’s wife who has to wipe off the Negev sand from their furniture.



The waitress in the dense Gush Dan who runs daily for the last bus home.



In Jerusalem area a couple who, because of being occupied with 3 sick kids, need to turn down job opportunities.



On a distant moshav a destitute young couple who finally find a place that they can call home.



Real people with real challenges.


Wouldn’t you like to make Yom Tov for them?


For $360-Yom Tov for an average sized family

For $200-Yom Tov for small family

For $72 -Family Pesach Seder Meal


*Names have been changed

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