Yom Tov Distribution

April 8th, 2016 | david

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After a number of financial setbacks, Family B. have fallen into a terrible level of poverty. Unfortunately, the afflictions of instability and crisis which often come in poverty’s wake were not long in coming. Among other things their 7 year old boy was thrown out of school. This obviously caused even more distress. As KYSA was almost the only organization in regular contact with them (through our Yom Tov distribution, children’s coat distribution, free dental clinic etc.) they turned to us at this juncture. We in turn “roped in” other organizations and set up counseling for the family, the sending of regular food parcels, formula for their baby, found the husband a job (albeit low paying),paid for evaluations and fees in order to stream the boy into a more appropriate framework for his needs. They are not yet “out of the woods” yet but their situation is very different to what it was. KYSA`s care for this family is not unique and is an indication of how far we are prepared to go to help.

After his aliya M. realized that it wasn’t financially viable for him to continue with his lifestyle in the big cities in Israel. Since he desperately wanted to live in Israel he moved to a lower class neighbourhood in a city far from the center. With his committed wife he raised a beautiful family. With his soft-spoken and modest nature, he doesn’t complain or ask for help. It was only when his daughter got .married and his mechutanim saw how he lived that they turned to KYSA for help Making contact with him we were exposed and to a refined person happy with his lot. Our Yom Tov assistance has given him the chance to “breathe” a bit twice a year.

S came to Israel for a year after high school and fell in love with someone she met# and got married. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long and she found herself alone with 3 little girls. She bravely kept her small family going using all her strength and determination. Over the years she felt herself getting weaker and weaker until she became almost completely house bound. The doctors say that she seems to be suffering from a mono-type syndrome which they have had little success in treating. At the moment she is unable to do any significant amount-of work and to compound it her widowed bedbound mother has moved in with them. Their neighbours try to help as much as they can but the family’s main sustenance is from other people’s chometz. Before Pesach the chometz that people throw out is .collected and sold to a goy and this family lives on that food for almost half a year Our Yom Tov contribution lets them be “normal” twice a year and helps them by knowing that they are not alone.