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 General Advice Line


For questions of a personal nature call 053-31 50948


  • “We are new in Israel and do not yet have Bituach Leumi or Kupat Cholim and we just discovered that my wife is expecting. She is nervous to be without coverage. What should we do?”


  • ” I am continuing my late husband’s business. But we need to replace old equipment to continue to be viable. How can I organise funding?”


  • “My son went through a traumatic experience and needs professional help. I have no idea where to turn to.”


  • ” I have a medical issue. I woild like to be seen by an expert-preferably a South African doctor/dentist/specialist.”


  • “My kid is about to begin school/cheder/seminary yeshiva. How am supposed to know which is best for him/her?”


  • “What should I do if they won’t accept my child?”


  • “We want our kids to be normal-like we have brought them up. How can ensure that they  can remain so and also fit into the system?”


  • “My sister is a single mother and she gets no help from her ex-husband. They have a Bar Mitzva next month and she literally has nothing.”


  • ” The firm that I have worked at for the last 30 years just folded.Where do I find a job now?”


  • “I made aliya thinking that my savings would be enough to live off. But I was wrong. Any ideas?”


  • We aren’t managing on my salary and my wife wants to find a job. She qualified 12 years ago in South Africa. Where can I find a lead?”



*Names have been changed

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