What are some examples of people you’ve helped?

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Someone called up regarding a poor South African boy who married a girl from a super wealthy family. They lived in one of her family’s many houses and all seemed rosy. After a few months the girl’s mother complained that the couple wasn’t living their lives the way she expected. She therefore cut them off completely and using her influence blocked every effort they made to make an income. The couple has been reduced to eating in soup kitchens and begging food from neighbours. The mother knows about this and is unmoved. We are exploring various avenues to save their .marriage and help them start a new life.


A young couple moved here recently and the husband was horrified when he realized that his first salary is coming in in 2 months’ time and he has pay rent on the 30th of  the month. We organized a loan for him


A South African ger is getting married. His friends want advice on how to set up a campaign to help him.

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