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Rabbi T. Rosen


Phone: 054 848 0007

Rabbi D. Ostroff

Between 4-5pm

Phone: 052 761 1745

Newcomer’s Guide

Phone Book and a wealth of information for Anglo families in Eretz Yisrael

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Nefesh B Nefesh

A lot of Useful information for Anglo Olim

Phone: 02-659-5800

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Kol Zchut

Fantastic source of Information. Know your rights! All the official rules and benefits . For more extensive info see the Hebrew site

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Kav Halacha

A twenty four hour hotline for members of the English speaking community to turn to for Halachic guidance when one’s Rabbi is not available.

Phone: (02) 569-5103

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Chaim VeChessed

THE PREMIER CENTER for Information and Guidance for English Speakers

Phone: 0722 CHESSED (243-7733)-Sunday-Thursday, 9 AM until 4 PM

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